Our Blue & Blush Paradise – Spotlight on the Guest Bath

Photo from the original listing for the house. There is a tiny glimpse of the flooring the last owners updated with. Notice the original tiled vanity with angled lower doors.

Photo from the original listing for the house. Notice the original tiled vanity with angled lower doors as well as the more recently updated flooring. (Which doesn’t match anything!)

With so much going on in the house I needed to just pick one room to share for now. Currently this is our only bathroom but will become the guest bath once the master bath is complete.

I love this bathroom! We were so delighted to see that everything but the toilet and flooring was original. The 60 year old tile, tub and sink are pristine. The wood paneling is different than much of the lighter hued knotty pine you typically see in mid century homes. This paneling has more of a spa/tropical vibe, which is the design direction for the entire bath.

There has been much to do about vintage pink bathrooms (check out Retro Renovation for some pretty magical ones), but I didn’t really know if ours even counted, since I couldn’t decide what to call the shade of our trim tile. Having drawn inspiration from this GarnerStyle blog post I decided the tile color is “blush”. (Although now I’m debating. Is it more pale peach?…) Continue reading


Committing to the reality of renovation.

Yesterday marked 2 months in our new home. It also marked the beginning of week 3 (out of 8, so they claim) of renovations. We have been trying to keep track but there have been so many changes every day! A more detailed timeline (with pics!) will be coming in the near future.

A peek into our only function bedroom and main living space.

A peek into our only functional bedroom and main living space.

These past couple of weeks we have been quickly squeezed out of most rooms as demo and framing have been happening all around us. We are sleeping in the smallest bedroom with our bed, a giant bookcase, a tall dresser, a short dresser (using as nightstand with a piece of plywood over the top) and 2 garment racks that get rolled out at night and rolled back in in the morning. This situation has greatly improved since I finally put the garment racks together, prior to that I was sleeping with half of my clothes and would wake up with hangers jabbing into my side.

With the construction, chaos, and clutter closing in around us and our commitment to the reality of this renovation, we finally broke down and had a POD delivered. It makes a great addition to the Honey Bucket in our driveway.

The view for our new neighbors.

The view for our new neighbors.

Our Nest

Below are the description and photos from the listing of our home. Please note that the photos are from when the house was staged, so don’t go thinking we’ve gotten really into tan and sage green as a color scheme or that we are having a baby.


Open & Bright Echo Lake Rambler, wall2wall windows w/ Southern exposure, vaulted ceilings Updated kitchen, hardwood floors in living room, dining, hall & kitchen, also under bdrm carpeting, skylights in kitchen, dual open gas fplce for living/dining rooms, media/family room, lots of storage space inside, newer gas furnace, lg outbuilding, covered patio, large fenced rear yard, close to SHL Pool & Tennis Courts.

Love At First Sight… seriously this time

After a disappointment in November with the house we thought we loved (more on that later), we took a bit of a break from house hunting, then picked up again after the holidays. We dropped the realtor we had worked with the first time and thanks to a glowing recommendation from my friend Maria we connected with Rita Lindle (http://www.ritalindle.com/). Rita worked hard as our advocate and guide and on March 1st, 2014 we found our home.

Rita rescued us from the stress, anxiety, confusion and frustration that had been building up since the purchase that fell through in November. My boyfriend and I were in err… a slightly tense place, feeling like we were in limbo. Think about what it feels like when you can’t finish a sneeze. Then think about sitting with that feeling for about 5 months. By the end of February and after at least 100 houses I had been feeling so tapped out that I didn’t pay much attention to the listings Rita had sent us that week. BF and I just happened to be up north when one of that week’s listings was having an open house so we decided to stop by. The instant we walked in we knew. We had seen plenty of houses that would have worked, and many were even the style we were looking for. But this one was it. Even more than the house we had tried to purchase in November. With the first house we loved some features and then loved what it could be, after we performed renovations. With OUR house, we loved it at first sight, just as it was. We knew there were renovations that we would like to make but we would be completely content living in the home as is. (Minus paint colors, as you will completely understand after the next post)

So after that first look (March 1st, 2014) we immediately called Rita and got things moving. By March 4th we had a pre-inspection, sewer scope and put an offer on the house. And on March 27th we moved in! We just couldn’t stand the idea of paying out April rent when we now owned our own home. It was another stressful, chaotic and emotionally taxing phase of this process but it was absolutely worth it. When we woke up after our first night in the house, I stared at the tree outside our window and I felt like I could just lay there and breathe.

Just yesterday we celebrated our 1 month anniversary in our nest and we continue to spread out and settle in. Hopefully this calm lasts as we begin digging into renovations in the next few weeks!


A Brief Introduction

As long as I can remember I have craved a nook, a space, a nest, a place where I would feel safe and at home and like I belonged. In finding my lifetime love I certainly achieved that feeling in the world. And for the past 3 years we have been searching for that physical space together. When my beau and I first met I shared with him my dream of a creative partnership like that of Ray and Charles Eames. (*expect more on this in the future) That driving element of our relationship has pushed both of us beyond what we had thought capable separately. A partnership is greater than the sum of its two parts after all. Here we are, boozed up and in love:

Well Accessorized Nerds

Well Accessorized Nerds

With treehousebird you can expect equal elements of design, history, nerdery and stories about our journey to get to this point. In addition there will be long rants about Virgo/Capricorn relationships, anecdotes about how I wanted to take a nap but my partner really wanted to refinish the the cabinets, how we really miss all of our friends who aren’t particularly interested in the 40 minute bus ride to our new place and how isn’t it great that we have room for guests but now all of our “relatives” are coming out of the woodwork. And my apologies for any future urban farming talk, but really, I’m sure you knew it was coming.